Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is the purpose of the Chamber?

The purpose of the Chamber is to advance the economic, civic, commercial, cultural, industrial and educational interests of the City of Decatur, to promote integrity and good faith and just and equitable principles in business . . . to facilitate informed discussion of and concerted action on matters of public concern and to assist in addressing issues affecting the interests and rights of Chamber members.

Who can be a member?

Anyone who does business in Decatur and/or who supports the purpose of the Chamber.  The vast majority of members, of course, are from Decatur/Adams County but there are a few from outside the county.  We just had a company in Florida join because they wanted to get their name out here to do business with Decatur people who vacation there.

What are some of the benefits of Chamber membership?

The first is demonstrating good corporate citizenship; demonstrating a desire to be a constructive part and contribute to the wellbeing of our community. Second, is the Decatur Dollars program, only available to Chamber members.  Benefits also include referrals and member discounts.

Are you an arm of city government?

No!  We work closely with the city government to promote Decatur and the mayor serves on the Chamber Board of directors but we are not a department of the city.  We are a self-governed non-profit Indiana corporation.

How is the Chamber governed?

The Chamber by-laws dictates that we have an elected board of directors of not less than 18 or more than 25 members.  We currently have 20 members with four members each from the three Chamber divisions retail, industrial and professional.  We have one non-profit representative and the mayor, superintendent of schools and economic development director are members by virtue of their office.  The members serve three-year terms.

Is the Chamber a subsidiary of the Indiana or US Chambers?

No! We are members of both the Indiana and United States Chambers, in the same way any other business would be, but they have no say-so in our affairs. Sometimes we agree with their positions, sometimes we don’t. Our policies are developed by our board of directors.

Does the Chamber do economic development?

Strictly speaking no. Our main focus is on helping existing businesses in the community. We do work closely with the Adams County Economic Development Corporation, which is the primary Economic Development entity for the county.