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Each year almost one hundred thousand dollars in Decatur Dollars is pumped into local businesses. Decatur Dollars are five-dollar gift certificates that are accepted at seventy local merchants. The Decatur Dollar program is administered by the Decatur Chamber of Commerce and underwritten by our business sponsors. All Decatur Chamber of Commerce members are eligible to participate and there is no cost to the merchants who participate.

Certificates can be purchased at the Decatur Chamber office and are distributed as incentives by several local industries. Decatur Dollars make great gifts and keep money circulating in our community..

Participating merchants accept the certificates like cash and deposit them with their daily receipts. There is no need for the merchant to visit the Chamber to redeem the certificates.

Local businesses that want to participate in the Decatur Dollars program should contact the Chamber office at 724-2604. Below is a list of the businesses that currently participate in the Decatur Dollars program.

Businesses that Accept Decatur Dollars