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Touching the Impossible

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My "Mobius Band" sculptures are based on a 'Math Concept' that most people have never even heard of. I happened to learn about it myself as a 'hippie', back in the early seventies as I became acquainted with some of the Artwork of the Dutch Artist, "M.C. Escher". It is not at all 'easy' for me to write about this concept, (the physical expression of this object is a "three-dimensional optical illusion")so if you are at all interested in learning more, please make an appointment to meet me in my studio. After the internet research I have done in the past 9 years I believe there is a good chance that I am the first person to use the "Mobius Band" concept to make 'symbolic' sculptures. I make 'heart' shaped Mobius-es, and 'crosses' and 'car' shapes and "Davidian Stars", 'shapes' of numbers and letters of the alphabet...   Over 40 different 'series' in the over 1,100 pieces I have done thus far.

Year Opened: 2008
6289 W 750 N
Decatur IN 46733


Curtis Delk Rose
Local: 615-838-8887