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Golden Meadows Home

The Golden Meadows Home is an integral part of the history of Adams County. It was established in 1875 as an alternative home for Adams County citizens who were in need of housing and some structure in their lives. For many years, the facility included a farming operation to provide a working environment for those residents who could perform the farming tasks. While they no longer operate the farm, many of the residents do work in the community or assist in many ways around the facility.

The current building was constructed in 1942-43 to replace the older structure that had been destroyed by fire. For all residents, it is a peaceful, home-like atmosphere that provides room, board and other services to accommodate their special needs.

Daily operations are the responsibility of Thomas Magnan,
Administrator, who was appointed to that position in 2005. He began his work at Golden Meadows Home in 1994.

Magnan, a nineteen year resident of Decatur, was born and raised in the state of Rhode Island. He received a degree in psychology form Rhode Island College. He then worked in Boston for several years prior to moving to Decatur with his family [his wife, Margaret (Kosher) is a native of Decatur]. He is a past President and an active member of the Optimist Club. He is also a member and elder of the Decatur Presbyterian Church.

Magnan said: “One of my greatest achievements was to be given an opportunity to direct the operations of Golden Meadows. I am fortunate to work with Adams Memorial Hospital and the Commissioners of Adams County. I also have a very dedicated, caring staff who has as their primary goal the health, safety quality of life of our residents. That is our business philosophy - to provide the finest care and quality of life for our residents as we possibly can.”

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Christen Nichols, Administrator
Christine Nichols
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