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Commercial Desigh / Build General Contractor.

Arnold Bros is a construction firm dedicated, first and foremost, to its current clients and potential client's satisfaction.


We are a quality driven company. Arnold Bros provides the very best building practices in the industry, through the education of our clients and a never-ending search for materials and methods that will let us and your project standout from the competition.

With a long history in commercial construction and having spent the last seven years with a national architectural firm building financial institutions (Banks & Credit Unions). Arnold Bros can deliver to its clientele superior construction through attention to detail, organization, and listening to a client's needs and realizing their vision for the project.

Attention to detail & organization are two of the most important attributes in completing projects on time and within budget. The Arnold Bros team has implemented the tools and made the personal commitment so that both of these attributes are realized in each and every project that is built.

Arnold Bros is committed to the local communities not only through better building practices, but by utilizing all of the local labor possible for all facets of our projects. We strongly feel the need to keep our local economy strong by spending our money with its professional tradesmen. The rule of thumb is that every dollar spent within a community will be spent three or four more times at other local businesses within that community. If we are hiring out of town contractors this money is not contributing to the growth of our community. We are committed to "keeping it local".

Arnold Bros is a different kind of construction firm. We want to assist our clients in being different as well. Whether the project is a residential single-family dwelling or a multi-million-dollar commercial facility, our desire is to help our customers realize their dreams. "If you can conceive it and believe it, we can achieve it".

When you have decided to build don't be afraid to be different. Different is what makes you who you are. If you believe that you are distinct, and/or special, let your project reflect these beliefs through an architectural styling, unique materials, or bold colors. The options are endless.

Let Arnold Bros be a part of your next project and assist you in making your dreams a reality. Arnold Bros stands out through its attention to detail, organization, and commitment to quality.

At Arnold Bros "Customer satisfaction is our standard not our goal".

Year Opened: 2004
1230 W 500 N
Decatur IN 46733


Brent Arnold, President
Local: 260-724-2626